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Motocarbons is producer of quality motorbike fairings and carbon accessories. These fairings are produced by modern technologies with the highest quality.
At production is paid attention to a precision and quality of products.

Motocarbons produces fairings from these materials:

GFK-polyester white
At these products is prefered that they are  flexible and light.In the fitting points is used K-K and where is required more stability, is used Airex.
The parts have white polished surface,is not necessary to paint them more.

GFK-polished black
These parts are polished,delivered in black colour,is not necessary to paint more,are 20% more expensive.

Products from carbon are very light and strong.At polished carbon is paid attention to surface,visible upper  layer and high shine,that is  possibe to see the carbon fibre structure.

From carbon is possible produce also special vakuum parts.